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2011-11-30 11:26 am

Signal Boosting PIPA, how it tries to shut down the internet, and what you can do

This is an article describing what the Protect IP Act is and links to the wiki article itself.

In a nutshell it gives big corporations a blank check to shut down any website they "believe" is violating their copyright, before going to court or alerting anyone. The website in question actually has to bid for their website's release.

Since when is America the place where we're guilty until proven innocent?

Pft, since when is it China??

Anyhoo, this is the list of Senator's who are co-sponsors of the bill. I was totally appalled to see Diane Feinstein of CA on that list and went and looked up her contact info, for your convenience, I'm reposting this here.

Her Phone numbers in various offices )

Call them. Or write. The extra effort makes them pay more attention.

Please do this for your own senators, even if you can't see them on that list, so that they know you're against this stupid law. (Here is the list to their DC offices) And pass the info along.

Edit: Forgot to add, there's a version of this in the House called SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act. I need to hunt down more info on that.

Calling its plan a “market-based system to protect US customers and prevent US funding of sites dedicated to theft of US property,” the new bill gives broad powers to private actors. Any holder of intellectual property rights could simply send a letter to ad network operators like Google and to payment processors like MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal, demanding these companies cut off access to any site the IP holder names as an infringer.

Also, wondering if posting a 'calling script' for people might be helpful? I know I sorta dashed one out, and it was the only way I would've been able to call (hell, half a year ago I couldn't even do that ::wry::).
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2011-10-10 06:49 pm

Signal Boost

"...the voters of Mississippi will be considering a "Personhood Amendment" (Amendment #26) which would give a fertilized egg more rights than a live born woman..."!-Fertilized-Eggs-Are-NOT-People!

Link to contacting the DNC
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2011-09-07 08:34 pm

Got this via email...


PayPal officially states that its users “may not use the PayPal service for activities that [...] promote hate, violence, racial intolerance” but PayPal has become a favorite payment service for anti-LGBT extremists all over the world. PayPal must act immediately to shut down their accounts and ban all sites that promote anti-LGBT hate."

Inasmuch as I understand, they're asking PayPal to stop giving business to 10 groups committing violence against the LGBT community. [throws name in hat]
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2011-08-02 08:54 pm
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[vid rec] Pieces of Cloud Strife (HD Remake)

You don't need to know the source.

Just. Wow. The pacing and the *restraint* of it. So effective, so beat-h0r'd, so simple and slow and sumptuous and just utterly *gorgeous*; it's not something I'd be able to make because I don't really listen to this kind of music and I prefer faster songs but just.

Wow. Well done. They have a larger version up on youtube if you click on it
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2011-08-01 04:20 pm

sometimes I can't even tell if it's fanservice anymore

2011 Comic-con. Anyone with deets + youtube vid?

What I know so far: Merlin panel and Nick Brendan decided to surprise Tony Head by showing up and saying hi.


...happy to see him, methinks.
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2011-07-17 10:21 pm


All. Of the Vindicated.

(Where is the fic again?)
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2011-07-08 12:58 pm


Mr. Longbottom.

laksdjfkljasfl Best Puberty Ever.

That. one. really.... yeah. WHERE'S THE FIC MAH HOMIES?
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2011-07-01 03:43 pm


Pregnant Women Who Lose Babies Face Criminal Charges In Mississippi, Alabama

effing hell.
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2011-05-24 12:23 pm

George Takei, ILU.

...also it cracks me up that it's also like, "YES, YES A MONTH DEDICATED JUST TO ME. AND A PARADE, JUST FOR ME. And the shows of your childhood? ALSO FOR ME. ...or you could just say 'gay'." XD
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2011-05-09 07:16 am

veto the "Kill The Gays" bill

Dear Friend,

I just signed a petition demanding that Ugandan President Musevini veto the "Kill The Gays" bill should it be passed in Parliament.

We just learned the “kill the gays” bill - a death sentence for LGBT people in Uganda - could come up for a vote in the next 72 hours if we don’t act now.

Conservative leaders are trying hard to push the bill forward before the millions like us who oppose it have a chance to speak out. If we can create a massive international outcry, theres a chance to stop this bill from becoming law.

This hateful bill appears to be a political diversion, a way to distract from the legitimate grievances of pro-democracy activists, who have been beaten, teargassed, jailed, and even killed in recent weeks.

There are only days left to make sure your voice is heard. Will you join me in demanding the Ugandan President Musevini veto the "Kill The Gays" bill should it be passed in Parliament? Sign and share this urgent petition:
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2011-04-10 11:52 am

Dharma Master Cheng Yen on Time 100 Most Influential People Poll,28804,2058044_2060338_2059983,00.html
Please vote, if it so moves you. =)

Forbes article:
Dharma Master Cheng Yen may be a 72-year-old Buddhist nun adhering to a harsh daily regimen in a convent with 160 other nuns, but that doesn't mean she's missing out on the latest technology. Wherever she goes in her small temple abode in eastern Taiwan or in the sprawling office complex she oversees nearby, television screens are close by, including two where morning service is held. She presides over a daily videoconference and, from the computer on her desk, holds emergency meetings via Webcam and tv. In the early 1990s she was quick to get an e-mail address and start surfing the Web.

Cheng Yen is the founder and chief executive of a fast-growing charity, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, the largest noNGOvernmental organization in the Chinese world. Thanks to being so wired, she heard about the Haiti earthquake in January right after it hit. She immediately began coordinating a global fund-raising drive and dispatching relief.

Bloomberg Businessweek article:
Cheng has organized Tzu Chi so that all donations can be channeled directly to relief efforts. Overhead costs and salaries for its 570-member staff are met by sales of Cheng's inspirational books and tapes and endowments from wealthy members. In addition to its relief work abroad--including in Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere in Asia--Tzu Chi runs a number of civic projects in Taiwan, ranging from providing monthly welfare checks to 4,000 needy families to pushing an environmental agenda that it estimates has recycled enough paper to save 3.5 million trees. All volunteers are banned from lying, smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, fornicating, gambling, and participating in politics.

For all its good works at home, Tzu Chi has been criticized in the local media for its relief efforts in China. Cheng has worked on the mainland for the past nine years, with activities in 19 of its 35 provinces. Cheng shrugs off concern about whether a Taiwan organization should be helping the mainland while its politicians threaten the island with war. ''We don't care about politics,'' says Cheng. ''There is no reason to love some people less than others, and mainland Chinese are people, too. Buddhism teaches us to take care of people, to take care of society.'' She's doing that--and then some.
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2011-04-10 11:48 am

>2k voices, from 58 countries...

Uploaded their voices to youtube and it became compiled into this video...

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir project 2.0, a choir of people who mostly otherwise would've been unable to meet.

Ahh, humanity. &hearts
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2011-02-28 01:48 pm

I feel bad for laughing so hard but...

(just ignore the chinese captions, no language needed for this one...)

XD oh god, poor thing.
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2011-02-18 01:07 pm

Haha, wherein I got a load of not much done during my free time...

...'cause of a game update. XD

Man I love my clothes...

battlewear... )

cleavage! )

just a little bit of a clotheshorse... )

...then again I have somewhere around 45 different pieces of clothes... lol.

&hearts my little squishy glass cannon. ^_^ Tho granted that might be because I like playing push the envelope with how many extra attacks I can squish in.

In Naruto news, on the drive back from home I got the idea for this fic where one of Naruto's kage bushin that he forgot to dispel hunts him down and starts yelling in his face, and they get into this stupid STUPID discussion/argument/loud-talk about how his bushin thinks Naruto is STUPID and Naruto's like:




"'Cause you're too STUPID to GET IT."

"Well you're ME so that means you're stupid too!"

"But YOU'RE the one stupid enough to sleep with Sasuke!"


"EXACTLY, 'cause I DID."



"You're such as dumbass."

"You're more of a dumbass."

"Well you're fat."

"AND YOU'RE AN IDIOT," and Naruto-the-bushin puffs up his cheeks red-faced, and dispels himself.

And Naruto barely has the presence of mind the dive and catch the tiny wailing form before he lets himself black out from the force of nearly a year's worth of memories.

... really this is just an excuse to have Kakashi have a staredown with an infant. And lose.
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2011-02-11 08:53 pm


If you have seen Labyrinth, then you are not a virgin. In fact, if you've seen Labyrinth, then you never were a virgin. It's the power of David Bowie's Area that, even through a recording, even in a family friendly movie, it can reach out and completely burn your virginity from the fabric of space and time. If you ever will see the movie Labyrinth, then you're not a virgin on credit, because your virginity will be retroactively destroyed in the future. In short, the moment that David Bowie appeared in that movie, in those tights, his Area became super powered, and devirginized the entire world.
— Sarrolyne on the power of David Bowie's Area, Metaquotes

What is an "Area" you might ask?
1. Length multiplied by Width
2. A portion of the body consisting of the genitalia, groin, and inner thighs
3. The part of David Bowie that is all-encomposing, and pre-dates the written word.
see also: region, crotch, domain, bulge, package, unit, zone, quadrant, contour map, midgard serpent, tent

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2011-01-26 09:22 pm

just an update

All my fic can now be found at AO3.

Check it out, it's a pretty neat archive. ^_^ And I absolutely adore the import function.
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2011-01-17 10:39 am

asdfklj BRAIN, WHY?, wicked mad busy at work, which is OF COURSE when I wake up with the thought that:

You know, Kisame would make a fantastic Sailor Mercury.

Whereupon I said to self, "Self. Why. Also you're too busy. Also that would totally be Zabuza."

And then.

And then.

On the drive to work I realized that, no, no it would so totally be Kisame.

'cause the two cats are Zetsu.

'cause Sasuke is totally Tuxedo Kamen with all the side-switching.

And Sailor Moon is Madara.


Sailor Mars is totally Itachi.

And the Konoha crew is of course under Queen Naruto, I mean Beryl, I mean Naruto.



(I SO don't need this right now...)